The Whole Community Responding in Belief

I promise not to have “Community Responding in Belief” in every one of my blog entry titles.  But today, the day after the CRIB Open Housewarming Party– I cannot NOT have it in my title.  Yesterday was incredible– we estimate that about 200 people visited the CRIB, had a tour, ate some of our homemade goods, and truly celebrated and shared in our dreams.

It was an amazing day because it was a true reflection of what the CRIB is about.  Sure, the CRIB is a building, located at 517-519 State Street, but it is more than that.  It’s about all the people who were at the Open Housewarming yesterday– the trainees, the Hopeworks Staff, the supporters, the friends, the family, and the neighbors.  All of us make up this community that is responding in belief– belief that the youth in Camden can and will reach their dreams.

So, thank you to everyone who made yesterday possible.  Thanks for being a part of this community.