Happy New Year!

Today is a quiet day at the CRIB– it’s New Years Day!  Staff and youth are celebrating with friends and family… and I am gratefully enjoying the quiet as I plan and prepare for a brand new year ahead.  What a year 2010 was– with the brand new CRIB building opening its doors, community meals, late night study hours, and even a beautiful garden all becoming a new part of our lives here in North Camden.  Isn’t amazing and exciting to think about what 2011 will hold as we build off of the hope we saw brought to life last year?

Rachel Allen, a recent addition to the CRIB community as a 2nd CRIB Presence wrote the reflections below.  I think they are very fitting to share on the first day of our new year!

“It is exciting to think about the huge potential that the CRIB will have for 2011. It has not even been around for a year, but already the CRIB has provided a safe and positive environment for youth who live there, work at Hopeworks, or are just a part of the surrounding Camden community. One of my DREAMS for the CRIB is that by the end of 2011, there will be at least 10 youth living there. Also, that the youth would stick with the CRIB and what it stands for, even when times are tough, it seems like too much pressure, and they feel like backing out. The CRIB can seem pretty intense to youth at first, being such a radical way of living to what many are used to, but I hope that youth will be able to see all of the benefits that living at the CRIB will bring them. Another one of my DREAMS for 2011 is that the CRIB becomes a recognized part of the community of North Camden; that those living in the CRIB would reach out to their neighbors, and vice versa. Hopefully, then, the CRIB model might even go on to encourage the neighborhood and infiltrate a more positive view of achieving success and individual goals. These are just a couple of the many DREAMS I have for the CRIB this upcoming year. I am sure that the CRIB will be a positive influence in North Camden, in Hopeworks, and in individual lives, and I am excited to be a part of its history in the making.”

Happy New Year to all our friends, supporters, and loved ones!  Looking forward to what the year will bring for all of us and our communities.