Growing Community

Tonight Dante signed his CRIB Partnership Agreement, last night Chris signed his, and last weekend Wesley moved in!  How awesome is it to see three young men make the commitment to join a community focused on success.  Six residents make up our community right now.  I walked into the kitchen tonight to see Jon on the computer, Chris studying Psychology, Dante working, and Wesley and Yesenia making a community dinner.  Rachel was sitting at the kitchen island chatting with Wesley and Yesenia.  At community meal time we all came together and enjoyed our meal and talked about our days.  Then we all did our household chores, got the house ready for our Kinect game night tomorrow night, and settled in for study hours.   Life in the CRIB is taking shape, and our schedules and routines will develop as we begin this semester of college together.  We’re going to have some good stories to tell– of challenges and of successes.  Stay tuned!