Day Training (Out Of School Youth)

Our Day Training program is held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Each youth participates in our technology training as well as our literacy and formation programs. The typical time line is that after three months, a youth will have the skills to apply for a job with us and also to test at a level to enroll in entry level college courses. Once this level has been achieved, youth can continue to work and train at Hopeworks as long as they are continuing their college education.

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Hope Through School (In School Youth)

Our program for in-school youth is called Hope Through School (HTS). Its goal is to keep youth in school by offering technology training and job opportunities, coupled with academic support for students who are in the eighth through twelfth grades. Most of the Hope Through School participants start in our creative six-week summer program and then come to Hopeworks after-school for additional training and to work on client projects.

Hope Through School meets from 3:45 until 6:00 on Monday-Thursday throughout the school year. Youth enrolled in this program participate in our curriculum, learning basic computer skills and then move on to advanced HTML, PhotoShop and ImageReady. After completing our curriculum, Hope Through School trainees have several job opportunities available to them. Some trainees enter into Web Production and produce web sites for paying clients. Other trainees enter into the GIS program, where they create maps for clients. Other trainees become HTS trainers, assisting newer youth through the curriculum. In addition, every youth in the program meets with the Literacy Director at least once a week to work on their school work.

At any given time, the Hope Through School youth are learning, having fun and celebrating one another’s achievements and milestones. Hope Through School builds confidence by giving youth the opportunity to succeed. In Hope Through School youth realize how much they are capable of and that they can ‘go places’ if they work hard and follow their dreams.

If you are interested in joining one of the top programs in the city, call (856-365-4673) or stop by Hopeworks at 543 State St. in Camden to apply .

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