Hopeworks Hires Its First Youth — Full time!

For over 16 years, Hopeworks has provided part time jobs to Camden youth through its businesses that offer website design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and database solutions for companies across the region.  These internships have helped hundreds of youth to find the pathway to their dreams.

However, thanks to the dramatic growth in the Hopeworks GIS department, Hopeworks is proud to announce its first full time, permanent hire of a Hopeworks youth.  Chris Newbill, a Hopeworks youth intern who is now joining the team as a permanent GIS Technician, is ready for the challenge.

As Chris shared in this recent article, his path to success at Hopeworks has not always been easy.  The training was hard, and, as Chris shares, he even contemplated quitting.  However, he finished the training and has become a valued member of the GIS Team.  When the opportunity arose for Hopeworks to hire a new full time member of the GIS Team, Chris was a natural choice.

Chris will continue to work hard to deliver data driven solutions to Hopeworks GIS clients.  In addition, the growing capacity of the Hopeworks GIS Department will allow Hopeworks businesses to continue to grow, leading to more opportunities for youth.

As more and more companies move to Camden, the opportunities for Camden youth to find permanent, full time employment continue to grow.  With the proper training and preparation, Chris will be just the first young person to find transformative employment in Camden’s growing economy.  Hopeworks is proud to help continue to change Camden!