Monica Earns an Internship and Moves into the CRIB!

My name is Monica Perez-Reyes and I am currently a GIS intern with Hopeworks ‘N Camden.  I first learned about Hopeworks when Dannyelle Austin, Director of Youth Impact, visited the Gateway to College program.  When she came to our class, she talked about the academic support opportunities and the web design training.  I was excited about both of these opportunities.  After I earned my high school diploma, I started the Hopeworks job training.  I chose Hopeworks because I believed it would be a great place to develop my web design and professional skills.  

I faced a lot of challenges while in training, especially with learning to be professional and showing up on time.  I improved because I was able to get the support that I needed and learned to plan out my day the night before.  In just four months, I was able to finish the training and really learn what it means to be professional in the workplace.  In February, I began my internship with the GIS Department and also moved into the CRIB.  I chose to move into the CRIB because it is affordable, a close walk to my internship, and will bring me more independence. My dream is to be financial stable and become an art therapist. Hopeworks and the CRIB will help me reach my goals by providing me the support and academic resources that I need to be successful.