Hopeworks’ Alumni Gather for Kick-off Event

On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Hopeworks alumni gathered at the home of Mark and Judy Sarvary to kick-off the newly formed “Beacon Board”.  Seventeen years after its founding, Hopeworks has a wonderful network of alumni who are eager to reconnect with each other and to provide guidance to the next generation of alumni!

Hopeworks’ friends Mark and Judy hosted 18 alumni and “soon to be alumni” as they networked, had lunch, and shared their experiences in a panel discussion. The theme for the alumni panel was “advice to my 20 year old self.” Some of the choice advice included, “look at the big picture and plan to sacrifice…it’s like playing chess and thinking 3 steps ahead,” “push yourself to be creative,” and “meet whoever you can and ask for help along the way.”  Our host Mark provided a moving keynote address about his own personal and professional path.

Alumni who trained during Hopeworks early days provided sage advice to the group regarding starting up a small business, the challenges of both working for a large company and being a business owner, how to ask for advancement in your career, and how to find the support you need throughout your academic and professional life.

Hopeworks’ Beacon Board is comprised of alumni:  Mark Ford, Marcus Williams, India Lee, Yesenia Nieves, Shakira McDonald, and George Hernandez