Mentoring Takes Off at Hopeworks!

Hopeworks has always helped youth heal, build skills, and earn great jobs.

Now, Hopeworks is taking the next step, building a new mentoring program to help Hopeworks interns and alumni build their professional and financial skills to make sure they don’t just survive in the professional world, but thrive!

The experience of financial coaching and expanding life readiness meetings at Hopeworks has demonstrated that additional, long term mentoring could be a tremendous benefit to the youth of Hopeworks, particularly as they move through the internship process and into their early careers.  By pairing Hopeworks interns with a trained, one-on-one mentor, Hopeworks can help maintain the support and drive that many youth experience through the structured program at Hopeworks, expanding their personal skills and professional networks to help them achieve success even beyond their internships.

In other words, Hopeworks wants to makes sure our youth don’t just get great jobs, but that they build great careers, and happy, sustainable lives.

In the next few months, Hopeworks will be dramatically expanding our mentoring program, giving all of our interns and recent alumni the skills, support, and one-on-one mentoring they need to really take off in their personal and professional careers!

Watch Hopeworks’ new programming, and our youths’ success, take off!

(Pictured – Monica Perez-Reyes and mentor Vernon Moses)