Sharday Earns an Internship and Prepares to Move into the CRIB!

Sharday Myers started training at Hopeworks in February and recently finished the web design training.  When asked about her motivation for coming to Hopeworks, she shares “I was told about Hopeworks through a friend.  I came to Hopeworks to learn more about technology and to network with like minded people.”  Sharday openly talks about how her journey at Hopeworks was not an easy road.  She explains, “my biggest challenge was my attendance.  I had a hard time staying consistent because of the circumstances that were going on at home.  With the support of Hopeworks, I learned the importance of communication so that other people know what is going on and can help me.”  

Sharday recently finished the training and accepted an internship with Loida Child Development Center.  She learned about early childhood development in high school and feels that this internship will help her strengthen her skills and continue doing something that she is passionate about.  Next for Sharday is to transition into the CRIB.  She explains that the CRIB will help her “with learning to be independent including budgeting, time management, food and nutrition, people skills, and so much more.  I am excited about the CRIB and my internship because it is a huge opportunity for growth and development within myself.  This will open more avenues for more opportunities.”  As Sharday prepares for her transition into the CRIB and the start of her internship at the daycare, she is also working on enrolling in Camden County College for the fall semester.  

When Sharday reflects on where she was just six months ago, she shares that “I am proud of myself and my progress.  There were times when I did not feel I was adequate or that I could finish the training.  To a new trainee, I would tell them that persistence is key, but your attitude plays the biggest part.  In my time with Hopeworks, I learned how important it is to not let your emotions determine how you perceive things or think of yourself.”