AngeI is Back on Track to Realize His Dreams!

My name is Angel Ramos and I am 22 years old.  I started Hopeworks in January and finished the training in a few months.  My motivation for coming to Hopeworks was to get myself connected to a job and develop professional skills to use upon entering the workforce. I wanted to find the motivation that I never had when enrolling in college for the first time, and I wanted a second chance for myself.  Since being at Hopeworks, I have had a lot of doors open for me.  For starters, I have a personal tutor to prepare for the Salesforce Certification Exam.  I am also working at ShopRite and preparing to apply for the Townsend Scholarship to help me re-enroll in college.  

Like many of the people who come to Hopeworks, I also had a lot of difficulties that I needed to overcome.  I struggled with clinical depression and finding the motivation to want to make something productive of my life. Being at Hopeworks has helped me to get connected to better resources for professional help. Additionally, the open environment at Hopeworks allowed me to brainstorm ways of my own to help manage my mood in the context of professional settings.

My dream is to return to college to finish earning a degree in computer engineering. I see Hopeworks helping me get there by providing me with resources to begin working towards my dream, and by challenging me to incorporate more productive habits into my life to maintain a professional mindset. I see the internship opportunity helping me get there by providing me a space to build character and setting a higher bar to develop employability.