Thank You for Making Hope Work!

Often, in our work at Hopeworks, we talk about how we are amazed by the resilience, strength and accomplishments of our young people.  Everyday, we share amazing stories of youth changing their lives, landing dream jobs, and making their communities a better place.  These stories, quite rightfully, inspire all of us at Hopeworks to do more and work harder.

Too often, however, we forget to share how much all of our supporters inspire our work as well.  With the close of 2017, I would like to take a moment, on behalf of all of the youth, board, staff, and partners of Hopeworks, to say thank you to you, our supporters!

Thanks to you, more youth than ever before got jobs, both in internships and in permanent positions right in their community.  Thanks to you, our youth were recognized with the 2017 National Tech Impact All Star Award, and had the opportunity to share their work across the nation.  Thanks to the gifts and support of people all around our community, Hopeworks is now in a position to grow dramatically, more than doubling the number of youth we serve as we move into our new space.  

Hopeworks has a unique opportunity to demonstrate that Camden youth — if they are properly prepared and trained — can form a core part of Camden’s renaissance, in both technical and non-technical fields.  Camden youth can rise alongside and as a key part of their city with proper training and preparation, and you are making that happen!

Donations and other support give us the tools, staff, and equipment we need to continue to excel. Recognition and publicity helps us grow our mission.

Perhaps the most important gift you have given Hopeworks and our youth, however, is your attention and support.  All too often, our young people learn that the world is a hard place, a place where you “can’t count on anyone.”  Your support of our youth proves that statement wrong.  Your continued support shows our young people that the world is a place of love, hope, and healing.

Thank you for helping all of our youth see that Hope Works in Camden!

With gratitude,

Dan Rhoton, Executive Director