Ashley Pena & Rosemary Irizarry Hired Full-Time at Ozitus International! 

Rosemary and Ashley both came to Hopeworks a few years ago as high school students in a previous program called ‘Hope Through School.’ They both completed Hopeworks training, both earned internships, and quickly became important members of our GIS Team. It was through Hopeworks that Ashley and Rosie became very close friends and wonderful teammates; and coincidentally, just last month, they were both hired full-time, and at the same company!

Rosie is an SAU Analyst at Ozitus International and relies heavily on skills in ArcMap 10.1 that she learned right in our GIS Department at Hopeworks. Rosie says, “Hopeworks gave me a whole new view of the professional world. Hopeworks also taught me how to take care of myself in some of my hardest times.”

Ashley also uses the skills she has learned at Hopeworks in her job at Ozitus, as a Surveillance Technician and GIS Analyst. Ashley says the atmosphere at her new job is different from Hopeworks, but she is ready for the challenge of a new environment, saying “Hopeworks showed me to take opportunities, to reach out and have a voice as an individual and a professional; Hopeworks taught me that just because I may need help, it does not mean I am not capable.”

Although we all miss Ashley and Rosie, we are very excited for their blossoming careers and their interest in staying involved with Hopeworks through our Alumni Network.