Caloua Lowe Hired at Seer Interactive!

As a kid from a small town who once had very little access to internet (outside from the public library), I can’t believe I am about to become an Intern at one of the top Digital Marketing agencies on the East Coast, Seer Interactive!

I became interested in Seer earlier this year, when I visited their offices with colleagues from my Entrepreneurship Class at Hopeworks. The company’s culture, office aesthetic, and employees’ knowledge pulled me in very fast. I was intimidated, but I love the feeling of a challenge and it was then that I knew I wanted to work there.

It took a few months, but after networking and building connections with a few employees at Seer, I landed an interview for the position! Meanwhile, I was still working at Hopeworks as a Communications Design Intern, and they were more than happy to help me during the process in any way. Hopeworks has helped me build the professionalism to be able to work in an office setting. Hopeworks continues to help me become someone important in my industry from the events I am able to attend to the people I meet. It seems as though my mentors at Hopeworks always know which opportunity is right for me to pursue.

A few interviews later, I got an offer letter to become one of Seer’s Digital Marketing Interns, and I happily accepted! I’ll be helping with the PPC, Analytics, and the SEO team. I am also hoping to make use of my design skills and learn some Data Visualization techniques. All in all, I want to be able to take the skills I learned at Hopeworks and make my mark at Seer.

Written By: Caloua Lowe
Caloua Lowe Hired at Seer Interactive!