Destin Brooks–Newest Intern in GIS!

Destin Brooks first toured Hopeworks after hearing about us from a close friend. After the tour, he realized what a great opportunity Hopeworks offered him as he is very interested in the tech field. He completed the training a couple of weeks ago and has been hired in our GIS department as their newest intern! His time and training at Hopeworks has had a very positive impact in Destin’s career. According to Destin, “Hopeworks has definitely made me a more confident person, both professionally and socially, because of the life readiness workshops, the entrepreneurship class, and academic success coaching.”

Destin’s dream career is actually to be a professional musician, however he is so eager and grateful to gain knowledge and experience in the tech field and in GIS: “The training, GIS internship, and the entrepreneurship class offered at Hopeworks are all making me more independent and marketable as a professional musician.” When asked what is different about Hopeworks from other jobs he has had, Destin says, “Hopeworks is the full package–very hands-on, and focuses on the whole person; what you’re good at; and what you can do after you’ve moved on from Hopeworks…I think there needs to be more places like Hopeworks; there needs to be this option for everyone, not just in Camden.”