Yanlexis helps Hopeworks win $74,000 grant from Impact100 South Jersey!

On Tuesday, June 26, Hopeworks Web Intern was faced with a daunting task — to convince Impact100 South Jersey that Hopeworks deserved to be the winner of their first ever Impact grant of $74,000!

Sharing her incredible story and the influence that Hopeworks has had on her life, Yanlexis Arizaga did it, winning the votes of the Impact100 South Jersey members and winning a $74,000 grant for Hopeworks!

Even more importantly, Yanlexis had the opportunity to pour her heart out onto the stage and showcase her accomplishments in front of a supportive and receptive audience. Where she now successfully executes her time managing her photography business, working as a web intern at Hopeworks, attending college, and upholding house responsibilities, Yanlexis  continuously displays her work ethic.

As Yanlexis shared,

Today was such an incredible and unforgettable experience for me. At Impact100 South Jersey, every women that attended has made such a huge mark on me. Thank you for all your words of encouragement and supportive energy!

My biggest thanks goes to Hopeworks ‘N Camden. You’ve done so much for me that it is hard to measure the overwhelming gratitude I have for everyone in words.

Dan Rhoton had described Hopeworks (metaphorically) to be the ladder for the youth of Camden to climb when changing a lightbulb. He points this out to articulate that Hopeworks is there to support youth but the youth are credited for the work they’ve put in because of their effort in taking full advantage of the opportunity they were given.

Although this is true, in the end, there would be no opportunity without Hopeworks OR (metaphorically) without the ladder being placed, there would be no possible way of reaching the destination.

Again, thank you Impact 100 South Jersey and Hopeworks! I am overjoyed to be able to (at least partially) return the immeasurable support Hopeworks has given me so soon!

Impact100 South Jersey is a women’s collective giving group that seeks to bring together over 100 women as members who make $1,000 contributions that will be used to give high-impact grants to  local organizations. The goal is to once a year award a minimum of $100,000 to organizations that are thoroughly vetted and selected by Impact100 South Jersey members. This year was their first year in operation.

Hopeworks is honored by the support of Impact100 South Jersey, and honored to work with youth like Yanlexis Arizaga!