Youth Development

Hopeworks ‘N Camden’s advanced training program coupled with our extensive academic success team provide youth the opportunity to achieve their DREAMS.


Day Training Program

On Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., each youth participates in our technology training as well as our literacy and formation programs. The typical timeline is that after three months, a youth will have acquired the skills to apply for a job with us and will also test at a level to enroll in entry­ level college courses. Once this level has been achieved, youth can continue to work and train at Hopeworks as long as they are continuing their college education.

Academic Success

Hopeworks works to empower youth to identify and develop their DREAMS by fostering within each trainee a sense of the value of academic success, and to help each trainee improve in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics . Hopeworks’ Academic Success Director designs individualized curricula tailored to each trainee. For youth who do not have a high school diploma, the Academic Success Director will focus the trainees Individual Literacy Plan towards success in obtaining a high school credential. For youth enrolling or already enrolled in college, the Academic Success Director tailors each trainee’s Individual Literacy Plan to help them stay in, and succeed in, their college classes.

Life Readiness

Our life readiness program is focused on youth realizing their DREAMS.

Planning for Success

Hopeworks strives to prepare young people not only with the skills to be competitive in today’s tech saturated job market, but to also ready youth for the pressures and stresses of the workplace, and especially prepare them to stay healthy while managing these pressures . Hopeworks’ goal is to support youth in all aspects of their life.

One-on-one counseling on a weekly basis aides youth in realizing their patterns to make positive changes.

Youth are provided mock interview experience in preparation for their real world interviews for one of Hopeworks’ internal internships or one of the many externships we have with regional partners.

Formation partners with our Literacy program to ensure youth are always tracking toward their goals, and achieving their DREAMS.


Learn to code. Learn to Learn

Our training program gives you the opportunity to learn something new, something no one ever told you that you couldn’t do. Get in touch with us to learn about how our program can help you in school and in life.


The CRIB is a residential community for college students.

In 2011, Hopeworks opened the C.R.I.B. (Community Responding in Belief), a unique effort in the region. The C.R.I.B. is a residential community for college students who have earned a job at Hopeworks, or who demonstrate responsibility in the workforce while pursuing a degree at an accredited College or University. The C.R.I.B. is a community of success where college students live together, share meals, and all believe in furthering their higher education goals.

The heart of the C.R.I.B. is community living, built in accountability, encouragement, and safe, secure housing. The C.R.I.B. continues to provide Hopeworks youth with a safe, respectful, and celebratory atmosphere as they strive to develop their dreams by pursuing higher education, corporate internships, and peer leadership roles. The C.R.I.B. is a community built on hope, belief, and love; it is a home where you will study, hang out, encourage, cook, eat, and live for your future together.