Web Design & Development

Strengthen your online presence and your community at the same time.

Tap into the young talent at Hopeworks. We can help your business or non-profit establish and maintain your website, perform data analytics, and customize Salesforce to your professional needs. Our trainees have developed live websites for more than 400 regional clients.

Our custom sites engage visitors, drive engagement, and hit your marketing goals. Once the project is complete, we arrange training so that you have the confidence to manage your site. The result? A site you can feel good about that helps your business and our youth succeed.


Equipping your business with a geographic information system (GIS) means you’ll be fluent in the most data-savvy marketing language out there. GIS gives you one single, organized and user-friendly view of complex datasets retrieved from satellites and combined sources. It provides a sophisticated, visual way to put data to work for your business. GIS technology lets our interns visualize, analyze, and interpret data then map out relationships and trends to help our clients make informed industry decisions.

This advanced technology advances the impact of Hopeworks too. Our GIS enterprises at Hopeworks have collaborated with over 60 clients and have provided more than 20 internships for our students in this growing field.

Youth Healing Team

You have access to unique trauma expertise though the Youth Healing Team at Hopeworks. We are proud to serve as the backbone of the Healing 10, a collaboration among Camden organizations who are committed to a trauma-informed approach. Our team provides group trauma training to regional professionals who see the value of a trauma-informed approach in the workplace.

Trauma affects brain development and behavior, and awareness of its impact continues to grow. As trauma research continues to emerge, our interns stay on top of the latest developments in order to strengthen the excellence of the trauma presentations and training at Hopeworks.

Contact us to put trauma training in motion for your organization.


Guy Rozier

“Here is an organization doing some amazing work with some amazing people in Camden. It would behoove you to support them and see the good work these young people are doing to let them show you how to enhance and grow your business.”

Guy Rozier
Hopeworks’ Web Client, The Mike Rozier Foundation