We are ecstatic to announce that we have been named a Community Redzone Sponsor by our friends at the Philadelphia Eagles Organization, in partnership with Philadelphia Insurance Companies! It is an honor to have a new found partnership with our hometown team, especially with the recent opening of our Kensington location. 

Three of our young professionals recently got the chance to attend the Eagles vs. Giants game where we were recognized on the field, and set up an information booth for attendees and fans to learn more. This recognition brings more awareness to our mission of placing young professionals in permanent jobs - in Camden, Philadelphia, and beyond.

Timothy, who is one of our first Kensington trainees to successfully complete training and begin an internship, was in attendance and said the experience was everything.

“I’ve never been in the stands for an Eagles win, not to mention, we were working with the Birds for a good cause. Hopeworks made that happen.”

Thank you everyone at the Philadelphia Eagles Organization for your support - let’s continue to make history!

Our Workforce Internship Pathways Team has successfully placed four young professionals in a 6-month Winter internship with Akamai Technologies! The newest cohort consists of Ciara, Alex, Patrice, and Jojo - a group of incredibly talented, creative, and driven interns. They will be joining the Customer Support Department, and after successful completion of the internship, will be considered for FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT!

Akamai has committed to offer a Winter and Spring cohort for up to 12 Hopeworks young professionals which opens up 12 new opportunities for permanent employment. The internships are paid, full time, AND offer benefits (which is a first for Hopeworks). Ciara, who was previously an intern with our Training Team talks about how excited she is to begin this new journey.

“I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement that Hopeworks has presented this amazing opportunity to be a part of Akamai's Internship. Over these last few months, the WIP program has helped me sharpen my skills in writing and Customer Service, as well as gain new knowledge in technical skills. With all that I have learned I am prepared to step into this new internship with knowledge and determination of becoming successful from here and into the future.”

This new partnership has promising potential to change the lives of an unlimited amount of young professionals!


Here at Hopeworks our mission is to train young professionals in tech and help them become ready to thrive in the professional world. Many of our young professionals face circumstances in life that do not allow them to successfully graduate or earn a diploma. 

Our ABS program is in place to assist with HiSet testing and other educational support so we can remedy this. Earlier this month, both Ra’San Lindey AND Henessey Colon completed their testing and received their diplomas! 

“Hopeworks is a family that accepts all of me for who I am. There have been times when I didn't know what to do with my life and I have found myself and my voice here.” I am thankful for everyone who helped me on the path to receiving my diploma.” - Ra’San

“Thanks to the support at Hopeworks I have finally been able to receive my high school diploma! Accomplishing this goal is a dream come true. My future has never seemed brighter, and my possibilities are endless, I could not be any happier.” - Henessey

Congratulations to you both, you are well on your way to building the future that you want!

We are ecstatic to announce that Hopeworks Web Team Member, Brakeem also known as Keem is moving on to a full-time position as a GIS Contractor with our long time partner American Water! Keem has battled through adversity and doubt on his path to get here, but has always stayed the course. He credits the Hopeworks staff and community for never giving up on him even when he felt the pressure to do so.

I’m very thankful for the Hopeworks staff, they’ve helped me prepare for this new job by not giving up on me and continuing to work with me throughout my time as a trainee and Web Intern.” 

Last year, Keem lost a very close friend who he grew up with in foster care. He dealt with this tragedy along with social, financial and professional pressure, but somehow continued to persevere. Stories like this just show the will and tenacity of our young professionals here at Hopeworks. With countless odds stacked against you, at times it can be difficult to see the bright side. But they continue showing up every day, continue trusting the process, and continue working hard and it shows. 

“I had a friend who passed last year who would always say “If it’s meant to be then it’s up to me”,  so I always remember that wherever I go in a job setting or anything related to life.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture of David above says it all! David is energetic, friendly, helpful and creative. He’s an aspiring 3D Animator with an ultimate dream to one day become a Videogame Designer. 

Our mission is not only to place young professionals in living wage jobs but to see them personally blossom to their fullest potential. To help them build on technical and soft skills that they may not have known they had, and transfer them to the workplace.

Congratulations David, you are well on your way to achieving your goals, and this new position is the first chapter of many for him. We know you will take the direction and guidance you gained here and continue to animate your own story. 

“My time at Hopeworks was life changing! The trainees, staff, and coaches were supportive in helping me to reach my goals, and I am looking forward to using the skills I obtained to assist at my future job."

We are proud to announce that Web Team Member Avery has been offered a full-time position as a Graphic Design Specialist with the Pennsylvania Convention Center! He is the second young professional within the last few months to receive a full-time position via this new partnership. 

Within the last year, Avery has graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design AND successfully completed the Hopeworks training, plus a web internship to the satisfaction of his team and supervisors. In his spare time, Avery maintains a freelance graphic design business, enjoys playing video games, drawing and going to museums.

"My experience at Hopeworks was a great one. In times when I felt doubtful about my future, the people here provided me with support and guidance. At no point did I feel like I was on my own, and I am happy to have met all these wonderful people!”

We are ecstatic to announce that Hopeworks Training Team Intern, Kaori Jackson is moving on to a full time position with local marketing agency, Ascension Marketing! Ascension was founded in 2020 after identifying a need for personalized solutions for their clients' brands. They offer services such as market development, product placement, and brand exposure.

During her time here, Kaori has been pivotal in leading presentations about dealing with trauma and utilizing a trauma-informed system within your workplace or school. Kaori has always been hardworking, poised, and diligent towards her goals. She is still pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature at Penn State University and uses her spare time to pursue her passions in art and illustration!

Congratulations Kaori, we are so excited to see you thrive in the next chapter of your journey and will always be here to support you!

Our 3rd Annual Pitch Competition was a major success! Our entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to a panel of industry leaders, gained insightful feedback, and even sold their products/services on site to family and friends after the event.

The 1st place winner was Natalie Nieves, the Founder of Bold Creations, a graphic design business and our 2nd place winner was Brianna Smith, the Founder of Kraftii Kouture, a handcrafted jewelry business. Every participant was also awarded $1,000 in funding for their business thanks to a generous donation!

Natalie, an intern in the Web Department, was only 15 years old when she started Bold Creations, making flyers for her friend’s house parties. Ever since, Bold Creations has flourished, expanded, and moved onto becoming a freelance graphic design business that specializes in branding. The funding she received from the competition will help her business grow in many ways.

“The Pitch competition has helped my business tremendously! I can now begin to look for office space to separate my work life from my home life. I ️can also officially invest into another brand photoshoot to take my content and work to the next level.”

Thank you to all of our participants (Nyree, Michael, Kyla, Peggy, Brianna, and Natalie ) - our incredible judges, and our sponsors - Holman Automotive, NJM Insurance Group, and Square for supporting our mission.

Hawa joined Hopeworks in Jan 2021 after graduating high school and filtering through a number of seasonal and temporary jobs. She wanted more. She knew she could do more. So, she went after it. When she first completed her Hopeworks training, Hawa wasn’t immediately offered a job. It would be a few months before a position fell into place for her, but that didn’t stop her. 

She continued pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computer Science, she also worked on freelance projects as an independent game developer, and improved her technical and soft skills as well. A few months later, she was offered a full time position with Benefits Data Trust! 

"More than anything my journey through Hopeworks empowered me mentally. I made important connections with others and matured through my interactions there. Admin skills can always be taught but the soft skills necessary to thrive in a professional environment were developed immensely. I still have a long way to go on my journey, but the time I spent at Hopeworks sent me in the absolute best direction."

Delilah is undoubtedly one of the many phenomenal and talented young professionals we have had the pleasure of working with along her journey. A member of the Hopeworks Training Team, Delilah excels at public speaking, and bringing a positive atmosphere to whatever she is involved in. Delilah is a Lenape High School Graduate and earlier this year completed a Google Certification in Project Management! Not to mention, she’s a TikTok Superstar!

Amongst many other staff members, her Career Coach Fred has been an integral part of her success, and is excited to see her continue to overcome obstacles going forward.

"When Delilah was first transferred onto my caseload, we only had 2 months to support her in her development and acquire full time employment,'' says Fred. “What makes me most proud of Delilah is how she was able to fight through her external struggles and snatch up an amazing full time opportunity with the support of Career Readiness and Community Partnerships. This is undoubtedly only the beginning for all that Delilah will overcome!"

Congratulations Delilah, we know that you will continue to light up the room anywhere you go!

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