We are proud to announce that Zachary, a member of our Youth Healing Team, is now a new member of the Benefits Data Trust Team. He is so excited to begin his new position as Benefits Outreach Specialist, in which his responsibilities will include: providing assistance for customers and helping them to fill out applications for public benefits. 

Zach expressed his excitement for joining the team and experiencing the new company culture.

“I am very excited for this opportunity not only because of the fact that promotion from inside of the company is a big part of its culture, but also because I'll be playing a part in potentially bettering people's lives.”

Zach believes that Hopeworks and the Youth Healing Team played a huge role in his preparation for this advancement.

Hopeworks has prepared me for this role by helping me gain confidence in talking to new people. The Youth Healing Team has helped me gain a trauma informed approach to potentially sensitive topics.”

Congratulations Zach, we wish you the best of luck on your new journey!

I was looking for a job that could teach me new skills and at the same time, I wanted to better my life. So after I read about Hopeworks offering training and Adult Basic Skills (ABS) classes, I had to come in for a tour.  When I earned my internship, I felt extremely proud of myself and grateful that the Youth Healing Team was going to give me a chance. The most important thing I've learned from my internship is that it is okay to ask for help or just ask questions in general. A lot of the time people are afraid to ask their coworkers or supervisors for help, or more information about a topic, but I've learned a lot of supervisors are okay with it. They would rather you have all the information you need than to struggle with something because you don't fully understand it. 

Before coming here, I felt that I would be forever stuck in low paying jobs that didn't make me happy with no High School Diploma. Hopeworks has given me another chance to make a better future for myself. One that I didn't think I could have. Hopeworks is life-changing!

Trauma and toxic stress don't go away during a pandemic.  In fact, they increase and so does the need for tools and resources for nonprofits and for-profit businesses to support their teams.  To help, the Hopeworks Youth Healing Team is taking trauma training virtual with a webinar and we're bringing on two new interns to help us meet the demand for this training.  Interested in learning more?  Contact us below. 

In the meantime, meet our new interns Kadijah Mustapha and Kayana Clue!

“Serving my community has given me a purpose in life, not only am I helping others but it gives me a better understanding of the circumstances of other people in my community. By joining the Youth Healing Team, I can gain additional skills to get to know and understand individuals who have dealt with trauma and be able to support them. This opportunity will help me give back in a way that can be beneficial to the members of the community” ~ Kadijah Mustapha

"I chose an internship with the YHT because I have a strong interest in learning about trauma trainings and I felt that this team would best contribute to my personal growth by enhancing my presentation and people skills, expanding my knowledge about trauma, as well as assisting me with other leadership and team building techniques that are necessary for any job or career. Working with the YHT will give me the opportunity to achieve my goals as a college student, and provide the education and experience needed to be successful in my career as a trauma therapist or psychologist in the future.” ~ Kayana Clue

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Hopeworks interns have proven their value time and time again. All three of our businesses are meeting the needs of our clients without interruption!

Our latest project with Tennessee American Water has Hopeworks GIS interns working hard at home processing records and interpreting scanned engineering drawings to populate data into TNAW's ArcGIS Online. Hopeworks not only does the data transfer and updating, but provides QA/QC. 

GIS Director, Luis Olivieri, reports that interns are ”processing close to 15,000 records in a month, comparable to any other GIS professional service. In fact, we are on course to complete our project with TNAW in approximately half the time expected!"

Xavier Hilton is one of several interns making this possible. Xavier has processed over 2,000 records in recent weeks and tells us, “This project means a lot to me especially during this pandemic, because even though there is a lot going on in the world, we are still able to produce our amazing work and make positive changes to help better communities.”

To learn more about our GIS services, visit our own new website at https://gis.hopeworks.org/.

Hopeworks Web Team has been busy, like all of us, working remotely!  They recently launched a new website - Philly Homes for Youth - a coalition of organizations working to end homelessness in Philadelphia. 

Philly Homes for Youth was the first website new web intern Andrew McFarlane worked on. About the project, Andrew shared,  "Working on the website for Philly Homes for Youth was a fun experience for me. I enjoyed developing the layout as well as the content. I learned so much from hands on experience."

Hopeworks team of interns, under the guidance of Web Director Annie Rose Webb, are designing and developing solutions for businesses of all sizes in all sectors.  Let’s keep them working on your project!

To learn more about our web development services, visit our own new website at https://web.hopeworks.org/

Hopeworks Youth Healing Team (YHT) has been meeting virtually to design a webinar so they can continue delivering our Trauma Informed Care Training!

YHT Intern Alicia Hinkle shared, “Working from home hasn’t stopped us from doing what we do best. We’re currently working on a webinar to help everyone find ways to deal with the stress of the coronavirus while working from home and in isolation.”

According to Hopeworks Community Impact Director, Kate Daugherty, they recently piloted an interactive slide presentation: “Dealing with Trauma and Toxic Stress During the Coronavirus.”

To learn more about our services, visit our own new website at https://yht.hopeworks.org/.

Genesis Sanchez is the Youth Healing Team's newest intern. We asked her to share her journey with us here:

I started training at Hopeworks in February of last year. I was working at McDonalds and trying to find a way out of all the negativity in my life. I thought dropping out of school was the best decision I could make, because I thought it would help remove stress and take weight off my shoulders. I had a lot going on at home and in school I just could not handle all of the stress.  When a friend called me one morning before work, I cried and said I wish I could go back to school. I'm miserable working here. Then my wish came true. 

My friend said there's a program I just started at a place called Hopeworks. He told me,“they gave me a tour, and they made me feel so welcomed. No other program has ever made me feel equal.” That very day, I got on the bus and went in for a tour. As soon as I entered Hopeworks, there was nothing but good vibes, bright smiles, and a genuine welcome from everyone.” On that day, I was able to get started training! Being at Hopeworks was great, I was so happy, I was thriving,  I went to classes everyday, and I even set up goals. Then suddenly a dark cloud rained over me and I lost my motivation. Things at home started to get worse, and every day I just felt down, depressed, and very stressed. Again, I gave up on myself. I didn't believe in myself anymore. I did what many youth do, I ran away. I guess I ran away because I was not used to people caring about me, I wasn't used to someone trying to help me become the best me. 

I returned to Hopeworks about 7 months later and it was the best decision I ever made. My goals were to get my H.S. diploma and to make sure I got an internship at Hopeworks. It is actually my proudest achievement to return to Hopeworks. Because since coming back, every day my life is changing for the better. 

Where am I now? I finished the training and I’m finally an intern for my dream job, which is working with the Youth Healing Team. I am also currently still in the process of getting my high school diploma. You may be wondering what Hopeworks means to me, and all I can honestly say is that Hopeworks means home.

One thing I would love to say to Hopeworks is,” I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me.  Without your support I don’t think I’d be where I am right now.” I get great support, and I can definitely say Hopeworks is like a big happy family. Hopeworks comes with lots of opportunities for young people which is great.

Kyla, a Youth Healng Team intern here at Hopeworks, is more than just a skilled trainer and technologist. For the past several months, she has also participated in Hopeworks entrepreneurship class, helping her grow and develop her dreams of being an author! Following are her reflections.

The process of producing my poetry book was indeed a long one.  It literally took months in the making Fortunately for me, I am a part of the entrepreneurship class that is offered here at Hopeworks by Brad Aronson, President of Hopeworks Board of Directors. With Brad's help, and help of my classmates, I gained a new support system that motivated me to move forward. They were in my corner to help me grow and become who I am today, and to develop the courage to let the world hear my story. 

For me, my best content is written when I am experiencing different emotions. In that moment, I can feel everything, which makes my writing more powerful. I try to write at least three poems every day, both personal or interpersonal. I am an emotional person with difficulties that include sleep deprivation, issues with self care, and mental illness, but I have drawn motivation from these challenges. I often have sleepless nights and that is when I write the most. I simply write how I feel. My poems consist of feelings that others experience, but don’t voice, and they deal with issues I continue to struggle with. Through it all, I have pushed myself even when I don't want to or when I'm feeling down. I also have supporters in my corner who encourage me and make me want to be and do better. 

The night I finished my book was the best of all. I literally felt weight lift off my shoulders. I was so proud of myself because, for years I said that I wanted to create something, to put my name out there, and that night I took the first step. 

The day my book was released, I was with two of my friends and I cried because now it was a reality, my book was available for purchase. 

To hold my own product in my hands, to have my friends' support, and share my work was astonishing, because I realized there were more people on my side than I thought. 

It was a great feeling to know the staff at Hopeworks were proud of me and to know my peers supported me. I am proud to know that people are purchasing my work and wanting to know my story.

Click here to purchase

This month, Hopeworks Youth Healing Team headed to Washington, D.C. to provide trauma training to staff at AmeriHealth Caritas! Our Trauma Training will help staff as they develop policies and procedures to address and even prevent many of the symptoms of working in a high adversity environment and with families facing trauma and chronic stress.

Xavier walked through Hopeworks’ doors for the first time almost three years ago, with the goal of getting his High School Diploma and an internship.  He progressed through the training, but was pulled away from his goals by challenges in his physical health and personal life. He kept coming back because his goals didn’t change, and he liked that everyone at Hopeworks made him feel comfortable and accepted throughout his challenges. 

When he returned this year, Xavier worked hard to learn how to navigate through his frustration, rather than being overwhelmed by it. He also learned how to take care of himself mentally and physically so that he could give 100% during the day.  This summer, Xavier officially finished the training and was hired as an intern for the Youth Healing Team! 

When talking about his choice to join the Youth Healing Team Xavier says, “It’s a perfect fit for me. I, myself, experience anxiety, stress, and trauma, so to be able to help other people deal with that and not get as low as I got is a good thing for me. I want to help people deal with their emotions.” He is also looking forward to developing his presentation and professional communication skills. Xavier continues to study for his High School Diploma. 

We are so proud of you Xavier!

So many new internships to celebrate at Hopeworks! Our new home on 808 Market Street has allowed us to add more trainees to the training room, which has given us more talented youth to hire in our growing businesses as interns. This month we have six new internships to announce! Three interns have been added to our GIS department; 2 interns have joined the Youth Healing Team; and one new intern has earned an internship on the Web Team!

GIS Department:

Youth Healing Team:

Web Team:

Congratulations to all of Hopeworks’ new interns!

This month was so busy here at Hopeworks! We relocated to a bigger space on Market Street, which has made it possible for several more youth to start training, and 4 youth have completed the training and have earned internships with us this month! We are beyond excited that our capacity has already grown as much as it has, and will continue to grow in our larger space.

Both Askia Campbell and Marcel Njighe-Tezah recently finished Hopeworks training and have been doing great work in their internships in our GIS Department. Jasmine Burdett finished training and became an intern on the Youth Healing Team and has already assisted in giving two Trauma Training presentations with her team! Lastly, Edwardo Figueroa earned the Youth Trainer internship and has been extremely helpful in the training room as we have several new youth getting accustomed to training.  


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