Kyla publishes her first poetry book!

Kyla, a Youth Healng Team intern here at Hopeworks, is more than just a skilled trainer and technologist. For the past several months, she has also participated in Hopeworks entrepreneurship class, helping her grow and develop her dreams of being an author! Following are her reflections.

The process of producing my poetry book was indeed a long one.  It literally took months in the making Fortunately for me, I am a part of the entrepreneurship class that is offered here at Hopeworks by Brad Aronson, President of Hopeworks Board of Directors. With Brad’s help, and help of my classmates, I gained a new support system that motivated me to move forward. They were in my corner to help me grow and become who I am today, and to develop the courage to let the world hear my story. 

For me, my best content is written when I am experiencing different emotions. In that moment, I can feel everything, which makes my writing more powerful. I try to write at least three poems every day, both personal or interpersonal. I am an emotional person with difficulties that include sleep deprivation, issues with self care, and mental illness, but I have drawn motivation from these challenges. I often have sleepless nights and that is when I write the most. I simply write how I feel. My poems consist of feelings that others experience, but don’t voice, and they deal with issues I continue to struggle with. Through it all, I have pushed myself even when I don’t want to or when I’m feeling down. I also have supporters in my corner who encourage me and make me want to be and do better. 

The night I finished my book was the best of all. I literally felt weight lift off my shoulders. I was so proud of myself because, for years I said that I wanted to create something, to put my name out there, and that night I took the first step. 

The day my book was released, I was with two of my friends and I cried because now it was a reality, my book was available for purchase. 

To hold my own product in my hands, to have my friends’ support, and share my work was astonishing, because I realized there were more people on my side than I thought. 

It was a great feeling to know the staff at Hopeworks were proud of me and to know my peers supported me. I am proud to know that people are purchasing my work and wanting to know my story.

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Written By: Kyla Evans
Kyla publishes her first poetry book!