Hopeworks Youth Selected as TechServ Scholars

Five Hopeworks youth were selected as TechServ Scholars and began their year of service this fall. TechServ Scholars is a program that is operated by JEVS Human Services in partnership with AmeriCorps, Hopeworks, and local public schools.

The youth will be placed in Philadelphia and Camden schools to provide digital literacy training and STEM education to students.  This full time opportunity offers community engagement, advanced training, as well as a living allowance and education grant upon completion.  When asked about their experiences thus far, the youth are raving about how exciting the program is and how they have already learned how to take apart and rebuild a computer in just a few short weeks.

Angel Ramos told us, “so far, we received an introduction on how to teach, hands-on experience with puzzle-like coding sites, and learning about hardware parts by tinkering with electronics. Our biggest achievement so far was renovating an unused, grimy classroom at Martin Luther King High School and transforming it into a functional computer lab.”

Sharday Myers, CRIB Resident, shared “I like it because it is a great environment for leadership and development.  I am excited about the connections I will make further down in my career.”