My Life is Finally on Track!

Hello, my name is Joe Owen and my story goes like this… I came stumbling into Hopeworks with hair down to my shoulders, basketball shorts on, and feeling frustrated and fed up with working manual labor jobs.  I started the training in March and completed it in just two months.  In my short time with the program, Hopeworks helped me grow in numerous ways.

Throughout my time at Hopeworks, I had a lot of fun with the training, business exploration trips, and motivational talks.  The mock interviews helped me prepare for the real thing. The outstanding mentors guided me with making decisions and helped me take my resume to the next level. The trip to Seer Interactive was a pivotal moment which led me to land an IT job. The exceptional speakers that came in gave me hope and motivation to keep on fighting, even when the journey was hard.

Finding Hopeworks was a life-changing event for me. They helped me build up confidence and develop professional skills. Hopeworks even helped me by giving me the suit that I wore when I landed my current position as a Repair Technician at Burlington Coat Factory. It is a 3-month contract to hire at this point, but I got my foot in the door now and I feel like my life is finally on track.