Sekinah Lands a Job at Penji Inc.

What an exciting month it has been here at Hopeworks! Former Web Design Intern, Sekinah Brodie, was hired full-time as a Marketing Assistant with Penji, an exciting new, on-demand design firm based right here in Camden. Sekinah came to Hopeworks with the goal of finding meaningful employment in her desired field, and we are happy to announce that her goal has been reached!

During her six-month internship at Hopeworks, Sekinah also accepted a three-month unpaid internship for Penji, with the possibility of being hired full-time. While patiently waiting for a position to open at Penji, the web team at Hopeworks still needed her skills and was able to extend her internship. Because of Sekinah’s impressive background at Hopeworks, and the success of her own design business that she launched a few months ago, “That Lookz Dope,” she was a strong candidate for a full-time position. Penji saw just how talented Sekinah was and what an asset she was to Hopeworks. They have now been able to offer her a full-time job!

We’re sad to say goodbye to such a talented intern at Hopeworks, but we’re very excited to watch Sekinah as her professional journey takes off. Penji and their partner Waterfront Labs are committed to building a strong start-up culture in Camden and are excited to be able to partner with Hopeworks.