Hopeworks Launches a Successful GIS Day

On December 13, 2017, the GIS Program at Hopeworks celebrated Camden’s First Ever GIS Day at Rutgers University Camden. GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a technology widely used to evaluate and solve problems, and make better decisions. GIS is used in many areas including business, emergency management, crime prevention, environmental management and many others. If you ask Luis Olivieri, the GIS Director at Hopeworks, he will tell you, “GIS is an amazing technology that is everywhere.” The goal of GIS Day is to create awareness of this technology.  

GIS experts joined us to talk about their experience and how they are applying the technology. Thank you to our presenters:

  • Joseph Kerski, Education Manager of ESRI, Colorado who joined us via video conference. Presentation available at https://
  • Noemi Mendez, Data Dissemination Specialist, Customer Liaison & Marketing Services Office Communications Directorate, U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia PA
  • Lauri Dafner, Solution Engineer from Esri, Philadelphia
  • Justin Cusick | Account Manager Local Government from Esri, Philadelphia
  • Luis Olivieri and the GIS Team of Hopeworks
  • Chris Kahn, Senior Project Manager, NJ American Water
  • Kyle B. DeMaria, Community Development Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

During the event, our GIS Interns also had the opportunity to network with the presenters. Presenters were excited to be able to share their passions, one of them saying they were “honored to be included.” The interns had the opportunity to learn more about GIS and were thankful to have seen the presentations. One of our interns shared, “I was taken away by Joseph Kerski’s presentation,” and one presenter was so impressed with our GIS Team saying, “all of you are inspiring!”

The day was such a success, Hopeworks is already talking about next year’s GIS Day and how we can get more folks involved!