Brandon's Personal Design Business Takes Off!

Brandon Rodriguez finished his Web Design internship with Hopeworks and is now focusing on his successful graphic design business! He produces professional products such as websites, business cards, logos, and branding collateral; as well as invitations and album covers. He also prints his designs on merchandise like t-shirts, and totes. On the wide scope of products his business offers, Brandon says, “As a graphic designer, I love that I am able to adapt my creativity to a grand expanse of products to fit almost any need.”  Brandon also benefits from the Entrepreneurship Class here at Hopeworks as he works to grow his business.

Inspiration for his personal designs come from Brandon’s past experiences, inspirational people in his life, and his emotions. But his inspiration for his professional designs are much more client-focused, Brandon states that he likes to put himself  “in the shoes of the viewer and imagine what the client or the audience would want to feel when they see this design.” His goal for his design business and online store is to improve the Camden community by “aiding Camden based businesses and organizations” by creating attractive designs that help generate business in his home city.

Brandon is thankful for the help he received at Hopeworks: “I came to Hopeworks thinking I was just going to get a quick graphic design internship, but Hopeworks provided me with a foundation of support that I never knew I needed.” As his career develops, Brandon realizes that Hopeworks taught him “that it is ok to ask for help,” in both his professional life and his personal life. Brandon is excited to be able to commit himself fully to his business, but knows he’ll miss it here at Hopeworks: “Sometimes a great thing has to end for another great thing to begin.” So many kind words were shared about Brandon at his send-off party.  We look forward to watching him make him build a successful business!

Check out Brandon’s amazing work here!



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