Genesis Garcia Excels at WeScrimmage!

Genesis Garcia started training at Hopeworks in December of 2017, and finished the training in February of 2018. She then quickly earned an internship with WeScrimmage as their Marketing Intern! Genesis has been excelling at her WeScrimmage internship and loving the experience.  According to Genesis, “My favorite part is how involved the staff and CEO are with me…always in contact to make sure I’m doing well and never falling behind.”

Genesis appreciates all the responsibility she has been given as an intern at WeScrimmage. Her original role of Marketing Intern has turned into much more than she thought it would be. She has also been working with the communications team as a blogger to promote different conferences they have held. Because she’s been balancing several projects, Genesis says, “The most important thing I have learned is the importance of organization, and how to stay organized with my work–it’s taught me how to manage my time and be well disciplined.”

Genesis has been doing such a great job that WeScrimmage has already offered her a full-time position, along with a promotion to client services, when her internship ends in August! She is so excited to be able to accept the full-time position, and is thankful for her time at Hopeworks saying, “Hopeworks prepared me so well with mentoring, as well as learning to keep up with the trainings and showing proficient work at the same time–I’ve learned how to excel at my internship while giving 110% in everything I do.”