Uplift Solutions Philly Food Rescue Brings Food to Hopeworks

Often, as youth at Hopeworks work to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, ArcGIS, or other technologies, the technical complexity of the work can be challenging. Other times, the demands of balancing clients, production targets, and learning professional skills while on the job at Hopeworks can be daunting even to the most ambitious youth associate at Hopeworks.

These challenges are daunting, but a natural part of professional development. Hopeworks youth and their families, however, should never have to struggle because they are hungry.

Now, thanks to Uplift Solutions Philly Food Rescue Program, hunger is one barrier our youth and their families no longer have to face as often.

Each Monday, Philly Food Rescue delivers piles of fresh, healthy food to Hopeworks, and Hopeworks trainees, interns, and their families can take home fruits, vegetables, and other food for their families.

Philly Food Rescue creates a safety net in the region with access to food where people live, work, and gather. Food rescue heroes take powerful part in the solution by rescuing surplus food and distributing it directly to organizations that serve communities in need. The primary donors are grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, caterers, and Universities;

“Transportation is handled by our extensive volunteer network who use their cars, bikes, and legs to move food from donors to beneficiary organizations. Using our FoodRescueX, technology platform, we match food donations to the appropriate nonprofits, coordinate a last-mile transportation network of volunteers, train volunteers on food safety and track data measuring the impact on hunger and the environment.”

Struggling with a hard technical challenge is something to be expected for our young people. Struggling because you and your family are hungry is not! Thanks to Uplift Solutions Philly Food Rescue, Hopeworks young people can focus on achieving their dreams, not where their next meal might be.

Want to become a volunteer rescue hero? Visit www.phillyfoodrescue.org to get involved.

Uplift Solutions Philly Food Rescue Brings Food to Hopeworks