Javon and Nilviani start at PHL Collective!

Two more Hopeworks youth have begun their work at a local tech company.  Javon and Nilviani were excited to begin their work as Video Game Testers at PHL Collective this month!

Javon came to Hopeworks after his mother heard about the opportunity from a friend.  After some time trying a series of dead-end jobs that didn’t move him towards his goals, Javon came to Hopeworks to move forward with his dream of becoming an author and earning a sustainable wage to support himself and his family.  

Nilviani shares, “I never thought about my future when I was in high school.”  However, she knew what she was passionate and in love with — video games. She always wanted to become a video game designer and developer.

Now, both Javon and Nilviani are moving toward their dreams as Video Game Testers at PHL Collective.  PHL Collective is a game studio comprised of artists and programmers who are passionate about creating unique, bold and exciting titles.

Since its inception, PHL Collective has designed and released award winning titles for console, mobile, PC and VR focused on gamers of all ages.

Javon and NIlviani are both excited to be a part of such a dynamic team!

Javon and Nilviani start at PHL Collective!