More Young People Changing Their Lives with Jobs!

August might be a sleepy summer month elsewhere, but, for Hopeworks, our young people were busy earning high wage jobs to transform their lives!

In the last month, Iridian Moratin finished Hopeworks Medical Assistant training program and translated that into a full time job at Cooper Hospital.  Leveraging the unique partnership between Rutgers Rowan Board of Governors, Hopeworks, and Camden County College, Iridian is now on her way to a rewarding career in the medical field.  

Iridian is not the only Hopeworks young person on the move.  Marcel Nighe-Tezeh has joined the Philadelphia Parking Authority, helping them deploy and maintain PC’s and other systems across their network.  Coming from Cameroon at the age of 17, Marcel recently shared, “many of the people that I know are still working in warehouses; I get to have a career in tech!”
Finally, Being Design has hired two more Hopeworks youth to join their team!  Carlos Pagan and Kayla Evans joined the Being Design team, helping the company help “socially conscious organizations increase their impact in a digitally integrated world.”  You can see Kayla’s reaction to getting hired here and see what Carlos had to say here

August 31, 2023
Take a look at Hopeworks’ larger Camden headquarters

The expanded HQ comes months after the nonprofit opened a second location in Kensington. Tech education and training nonprofit Hopeworks is expanding to a new headquarters in Camden. This new office at 808 Market St. — 13,000 square feet of office space up from 11,000 square feet in its former Camden location — will also serve as […]

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August 31, 2023
Hopeworks opens new HQ, training space in Camden

Approximately 13K sq. ft. in size, space will help more young people qualify for long-term living wage careers and connect employers to wider range of candidates for openings. Hopeworks has opened a new space on the first floor at 808 Market St. in Camden. The space will not only function as Hopeworks’ new corporate headquarters, but […]

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August 31, 2023
Hopeworks Opens New Space in Camden

Hopeworks, a nonprofit and social enterprise, announces their new space on the first floor at 808 Market Street in Camden. The space will not only function as Hopeworks’ new corporate headquarters, but it will also include additional dedicated training centers for the Hopeworks GIS Team and the Hopeworks Web Team, allowing the organization to serve […]

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808 Market St 3rd Floor
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 365-4673
Hopeworks is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization, EIN: 31-1660671.
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