FIVE new internships earned this month!

October has been a month of opportunity for Hopworks youth. We have five new interns to congratulate for starting new positions in various departments!

Adri has impressed us with their artwork since their first day at Hopeworks, and has seamlessly transferred their artistic talent from canvas to online mediums as one of the newest interns in our Web Department. When Adri is not developing beautiful websites for our clients, they are working on their own website where their art can be purchased. 

Azaris’ has worked hard to accomplish his dream of owning and operating his own Digital Marketing firm, and his hard work has paid off as he is now an intern in the Web Department. This week, he and Adri were able to present some mock-ups for a logo and website to the CEO of the Hummingbird Foundation and they impressed him with their strong attention to detail and uniqueness.  

Duane has displayed his leadership skills and his ability to communicate throughout his training, and now that he has successfully completed the training, he is able to put those skills to work in his new position as training room assistant. 

“I am very proud of Duane for taking advantage of his skills that come naturally to him!” -Lauren Vaughn, Life Readiness Coach 

Angelyca’s dream is to obtain her diploma and become a child therapist. Not only is she doing well in her classes, she has taken a major step towards her other goal by joining the Youth Healing Team. It is only her second day, and she has successfully completed a presentation!
Angelyca has made amazing progress since coming to Hopeworks, and it is a pleasure watching her growth. 

DeVaughn’s charisma is obvious the second you start speaking with him, so it is no wonder he had options when it came time for an internship. Ultimately, DeVaughn chose to pursue an internship in the Web Department, where his problem solving skills and attention to detail are put to use. 

We are lucky to have each of these interns offer their unique skill sets in and internship here at Hopeworks!

FIVE new internships earned this month!