Welcome to Hopeworks new staff members: Donshae and Esteban!

Hopeworks is proud to welcome Donshae Joyner and Esteban Romero to new roles at Hopeworks!

Donshae has been with the CRIB since 2017, working as a guiding presence in the residence as he helps young people grow their skills and prepare for independent living.  A long time leader in New Jersey’s child welfare system, Donshae has long worked to ensure youth in the NJ Department of Children Protection and Permanency get high-quality care and services. Now, he is bringing those skills to his new role as our CRIB Manager. At the CRIB, Donshae is known for his constant care, thoughtful conversations, and his esteemed “realtalk” group at the CRIB, giving youth a space to talk about important issues.

Hopeworks is also thrilled to welcome Esteban Romero to the team as our GIS Coordinator, helping deliver exceptional services to our clients. Esteban brings an incredible wealth of experience to Hopeworks, including GIS Analysis and Data Management, Quantitative and Qualitative Research, and experience working with youth!

He has worked in GIS at West Chester University and the Food Trust. Even more, he also has experience working as a career coach for youth aged 14-23 in Norristown! As Dan Rhoton, Hopeworks executive director, shared, “when you see someone of Esteban’s experience, energy, and drive, the decision to bring them on Board is an easy one!”

We look forward to having a professional of Esteban’s experience, training, and energy joining us at Hopeworks!

Welcome to Hopeworks new staff members: Donshae and Esteban!