Zora and Maleny are GrayHair Software’s newest employees!

Just last month, two Hopeworks interns, Zora Davis and Maleny Velasquez earned full-time jobs as product support specialists at GrayHair Software. The Mount Laurel based company is the industry leader in US postal services and compliance support. 

The impact the job has had on their lives has been dramatic! For example, before coming to Hopeworks, Zora struggled to make ends meet for her and her daughter, working retail jobs, dealing with social services, and trying to cobble together enough work and benefits to make a viable life for herself and her daughter.

Now, at GrayHair, Zora is thriving! As Zora shares, “I already feel confident. I fit into the company and I’m growing. . .and keep me in mind for events, because I have paid volunteer time that I would love to spend helping Hopeworks.” 

Moria Mach, Director of Client Operations at GrayHair agrees, stating that “things are going very well. Both Maleny and Zora are participating in our daily tasks and learning very much. They are both delightful! “

Hopeworks is lucky to have great partners like GrayHair software to help our youth build successful careers!

Zora and Maleny are GrayHair Software’s newest employees!