Despite the pandemic, new trainees want to change their lives and Hopeworks is here to help!

When a young person wants to change their life it doesn’t matter if there is a pandemic.  Hopeworks needs to be here for them. And this month, we were here for 3 new trainees. We are happy to welcome Erin Rodriquez, Blake Banks, and Achu Elvis who didn’t let COVID-19 stop them from going after their dreams! 


“I was referred to Hopeworks through by a  friend who went through the program. He told me about the training he received and I asked him to get me in contact with anyone in charge there. This program is teaching me job skills that I will need to move into the field that I want. It gives me a clear goal and marks my progress objectively, it is exactly what I need to focus my energy on in times of this crisis.” ~ Erin Hernandez
“I’m a young man who has always had the zeal and desire to get into information technology and believe Hopeworks will bring out the professional skills in me and get me ready for the job market. I believe that by the end of my training at Hopeworks, I’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to get into the IT department.” ~ Achu Elvis
“I’ve always lived and have been raised in low-income areas and haven’t had the resources to take control of my life, but Hopeworks is giving me a chance to do better things for myself and the people around me. Hopeworks gives me the power to not be a statistic.” ~ Blake Banks