Patrice leverages Hopeworks training to jump start her post college career!

Even though few youth come to Hopeworks with a college degree, once in a while a young person recognizes the need for in-demand skills in addition to a degree. Patrice Ingram came to Hopeworks, after completing college, with a desire to learn skills that would lead her quickly to a living wage job and a sustainable career path.

Patrice shared, “My time as a trainee at Hopeworks was insightful and exciting. As a Rowan University graduate with a degree in Psychology, the technology world was foreign to me. I couldn’t be more thankful for how well Hopeworks has prepared me for the position I am in now. As a Communications Intern, I am responsible for social media content creation and maintaining the company’s website. I appreciate that my job challenges my newfound skills and strengthens them. Working from home has pushed me to think of new ways to do my job. I try to present a new idea each week to my supervisor during our weekly check-ins. My goal is to capture the mission of North10 through the work I create.

During this time, I have been exploring different career paths in technology. Of all the skills I learned at Hopeworks, design is my favorite. My Life Readiness Coach, Melinda, provided me with resources to get more practice when preparing for my internship. Now, my goal is to gain more experience in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I want to use these skills to do freelance work, helping brands and organizations build an identity. 

Being a part of the Hopeworks family is rewarding and fulfilling. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing organization that is Hopeworks as support. I am excited to see what my future holds in store!”

“As our Communications Intern at North 10, Philadelphia, Patrice has been a great addition to our team. During these trying times, Patrice has been instrumental in putting out content via our Social Media outlets that has been meaningful, useful and relevant to our Community and it’s members. With her thoughtfulness we can continue to provide resources virtually in a fun and creative way!” ~ Supervisor, Sumi Blodgett

Patrice leverages Hopeworks training to jump start her post college career!