Even as the world experiences an unprecedented pandemic and economic downturn, Hopeworks youth — with their unique mix of technical expertise, drive, and resilience — are getting and keeping employment in our increasingly digital economy.

Hopeworks is proud to share that, just this month, two Hopeworks youth, Duane Malloy, and Da’Shek Boone, were offered full-time jobs at ACT Software, a leader in the design, development, and sales of interactive software and school supplies.  Dajah Payne accepted a job with Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems in customer service.

In addition, Hopeworks own Javon Skates has been offered a permanent spot at PHL Collective, a video game studio comprised of artists and programmers who are passionate about creating unique, bold, and exciting titles. Javon will continue his work doing QA testing and development, and work towards becoming an accomplished Project Manager.

Web intern DeVaughn Martinez leveraged his incredible work ethic and great soft skills into a full-time position at the Woodland Apartments.

Kayla Evans was hired as a permanent employee at Being Design, a branding and innovation consultancy that helps socially conscious organizations increase their impact in a digitally integrated world through strategy, branding, innovation, and prototyping.

Digitally skilled, ready to work, and able to work from anywhere, Hopeworks youth are a hot commodity in today’s market. In fact, as of June 30 — in the middle of historic layoffs — Hopeworks alumni maintained a 90% job retention rate. Clearly, our region’s companies are learning what many at Hopeworks have long known — that our young people are some of the greatest assets a company can have!