Kayana is firmly on her chosen career path!

When I first found out about Hopeworks I was a sophomore in college. My friend, who was a GIS intern at the time, recommended Hopeworks since I needed an internship and more experience in my field before I graduate. I’m a double major in Psychology and Childhood Studies, so Hopeworks, being a trauma informed organization, was perfect. I genuinely love what they do for youth. At first, I struggled with balancing school, sports, and training, but with the help of my career readiness coach I was able to organize my schedule and set goals for myself. Despite having to work remotely, I eventually earned an internship with the Youth Healing Team. 

While being a part of the Youth Healing Team I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone, virtually train hundreds of schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations about the impact that stress and trauma can have on our brains and bodies and share healthier ways of coping with stress, especially during this pandemic. 

Through my internship, I was qualified to obtain a position as a Crisis Counselor for the Center for Family Services even though I’m still a Junior in college.   In this new role, I provide support for communities, individuals, and families. It is a great early start to my career.  I plan to continue beyond college and attend graduate school to earn my Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology to become a trauma therapist or a psychologist with my own practice.

I’m a firm believer in knowing you’ll always end up where you need to be and Hopeworks is a testament to that. I took this step not knowing where it would lead me, but it was an experience I will always be thankful for, shared with people I will always be thankful for.

June 15, 2024
Jayden Celebrates Victory: High School Diploma Achieved!

We are thrilled to announce that Jayden Vazquez, a dedicated Hopeworks young professional, has successfully earned his high school diploma! After months of rigorous testing and studying, Jayden has reached this significant milestone, demonstrating incredible perseverance and commitment. We couldn't be prouder of his achievement and look forward to seeing what amazing things he will […]

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June 14, 2024
Shapiro Administration Awards Nearly $4.9 Million to 50 Organizations Boosting Digital Literacy Across Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA – The Shapiro Administration today announced nearly $4.9 million in grants to 50 community organizations throughout Pennsylvania for programs to improve digital literacy among job seekers so they can be successful in finding, obtaining, and maintaining employment. In this round of digital-literacy funding – the fifth since 2021 – the Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) has awarded grants […]

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June 14, 2024
Rising Star Alert: Junior Joins the Amazon Team!

Junior joined Hopeworks at the end of last year with an interest in tech and marketing, wanting to collaborate and make connections! During this time, he has completed the training, successfully completed an internship in the GIS department, and grown his soft skills and technical skills tremendously. Junior has previous experience with a marketing internship […]

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