Diplomas, jobs, and more!

Diplomas, Jobs, and More!

Erionne Vogue gave himself a wonderful 18th birthday present—his high school diploma. The fact that he now has it is a testament to his persistence and his willingness to conquer obstacle after obstacle. If you had time to hear his story, you’d know he encountered more obstacles over the course of the year or two than many people face in a lifetime. Yet, he triumphed over every one that presented itself. 

“He had it rough,” says Shawneeq Pettey-Ford, Adult Basic Skills Program Manager. “We wouldn’t hear from him for a while. Then we would get an email from him, letting us know he was ready. I remember one time he came back and he had this little notebook. He said, ‘These are my goals.’ He wrote down everything, how much it cost, how much he was saving."

“He made up his mind about what he wanted and he did it!” says Shawneeq. “I am so proud of him and his sister. I can see so much for his future."

“Yeah, I AM proud of him.”

Max Heaps applied to a job with Benefits Data Trust on his own—and he landed it! When he came to Hopeworks in the beginning of January, he brought with him his experience in the hospitality industry. He started as a dishwasher and was promoted to management very quickly, says Tina Anino, Max’s Career Readiness Coach. He finished his Hopeworks training very quickly as well, she said. 

“He was really motivated, and eager for success,” says Tina. “He told me, ‘I am done with this internship and ready for a full-time job.’ And then he applied outside of Hopeworks and he got it.

“One thing I admire about Max is that he is always thinking outside the box, always creative,” Tina says. “I am really excited about his journey!”

February 13, 2024
Partners in Philanthropy 2024: Announcing this year’s 25 honorees

This year the Business Journal is recognizing 25 partnerships for their philanthropic work across Greater Philadelphia. Visit the site for the full article here or click here .

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February 12, 2024
Booker visits Hopeworks in Camden to deliver a career talk to young adults 

Last week, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker visited Hopeworks, a nonprofit and social enterprise that propels young adults ages 17 to 27 into long-term living wage careers from its headquarters in Camden. During the visit, Booker (D-N.J.) toured the facility, engaged in a dynamic career talk with young adults and greeted board members and corporate partners of […]

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February 12, 2024
Caring in Camden: Our hometown 

We have called Camden, New Jersey home since 1869.  It’s why we’ve proudly partnered for years with incredible organizations that provide essential services to Camden residents. In addition to making monetary donations, we’re committed to volunteering and finding ways for employees to make meaningful improvements in the community. Read the full article here.

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