What is Hopeworks Web?

The Hopeworks Web Team provides an opportunity for youth to specialize in professional web development and design for clients. With guidance and training provided by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson, the Web Development Director, Hopeworks Web creates and maintains websites by utilizing industry-leading tools and best practices to better serve our clients.

What are your Hopeworks Web Products & Services?

Hopeworks Web Products: Security Enhancement, Website Statistics, Online Newsletter integration, Photo Gallery, Events Calendar, Online E-Commerce Shop, Interactive Map, GDPR Compliance, Accessibility Compliance, and more.

Hopeworks Web Services: Basic WordPress Website, Premium Custom Website, Website Consultation, WordPress Training, WordPress Theme Development, Website Support & Maintenance, and more.

I’d like to redesign an old website or create a new one. What does that entail?

We collaborate with our clients to create the best WordPress website possible. The client is involved at all phases, which include Customer Discovery, Site Planning, Visual Design, Build, and Launch. Additionally, we offer Training Sessions and Customer Support Plans to clients who require additional maintenance.

The Hopeworks Web team has been incredibly successful at producing great websites, offering a professional experience for our youth, and consistently receiving positive feedback from clients.