Slalom Consulting and Hopeworks Camden Partnership

Throughout the months of December and January, visitors may notice some unfamiliar faces at Slalom’s Center City office — a team of Camden youth, working on terminals right alongside highly-trained consulting professionals!

The youth are not at Slalom for a tour, a mock interview, or a career day. Instead, thanks to the vision of Slalom’s team and the excellence of Hopeworks GIS and data editing training, they are delivering great service to Slalom’s clients by conducting detailed image annotation for image analysis and processing for Slalom’s AI image analysis client projects.

In this unique partnership, Slalom gets cost-effective, on-site work for the annotation needed to deliver AI products for their clients. Hopeworks youth not only get paid, but get real world industry experience working in one of the region’s premier business, technology and advanced analytics consulting firms.

As Askia Campbell, one of Hopeworks’ young people, shared, “It is amazing to be able to work in a Center City office, and get training and mentorship from people who are leaders in their field!”

The youth, however, are not the only ones benefiting. Doug Tonkinson, Slalom’s lead on the project, shares ““The team is contributing directly to the success of a Slalom’s machine learning projects. The images annotated by the team are being used to train the model we’re building for our clients. They are impressed with both the quantity and quality of the work being delivered by the Hopeworks team!”

Going forward, both Hopeworks and Slalom look forward to continuing their partnership, one that allows Slalom’s clients to get excellent, cost-effective work and give Hopeworks youth best in class industry experience.

About Slalom
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Slalom Consulting and Hopeworks Camden Partnership